Corporate sponsorship

I would like to thank the team for running the 3ATC events I am pleased to support them they have helped raise our international profile we are pleased to continue our association. I like the principals behind the event to advance education and safety within the arborists community.
Nick Pott – Director –

We recognise most sponsors don’t have money to simply donate and do expect value for money. Marketing your business can be a bit of a mine field at the best of times. Sponsorship of our events can be a huge help in raising your company profile and brand name within the industry. We always aim to build long-term relationships with our sponsors.

Offers of sponsorship, large or small, are always welcome and endeavour to help accommodate everyone.

A larger sponsor may wish to support an entire event. Whilst this is admirable there are plenty of opportunities of helping sponsor events in important ways. The donation of prizes or use of equipment in the running of the events. In the interest of co-operation some of the larger sponsors may also be willing to allow you to attend and display banners. This may be in the form of extra financial help in running the event.

What does your sponsorship cost and where does it go?

Costs vary but main sponsorship can be about as much as a double spread advert in a trade publication. Choosing to support of our events can help you raise your industry profile with marketing, editorial before and after the event you host. This is your responsibility so you need to ensure you maximise your marketing potential in relation to your expenditure.

Your sponsorship means that we will help promote the event via the AA email newsletter and on our 3ATC website, our facebook page and twitter account. We may also be able to use space for an editorial in the AA trade publication (ARB Magazine). We may also be able to get some support from the Essential Arb publication but this needs to be negotiated by you as the sponsor.

Your hosting fees go towards running costs and insurance. The 3ATC events are run by a team of volunteers who donate their time, free of charge. Despite our events usually being two days it may mean they lose up to three days paid work to help so we don’t feel it’s fair to ask them to pay for their own accommodation or food whilst attending these events and that is also covered in your fee.

If you would like to know more about sponsoring these events please contact