Wednesday May 24, 2017 – Wednesday May 24, 2017

Holly Lane

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3ATC College Climbing Competition

24th May 2017

Colleges can book a team of three students for year one or for year two.

In an effort in include more students in these events we would encourage each college to try and bring two teams however you can just enter one team. Group one is made of team’s (3 students) with less than one year’s practical climbing experience who will all have to climb with either Prusik or Blakes hitch systems and Group 2 team’s (3 students) must consist of students with less than two years practical climbing experience and may climb on any AA approved hitch system. There will be prizes for the winning teams and their representing college in each year one and two category.

To ensure we can accommodate your teams please inform us as soon as practicable of your desire to participate. Please download and return the PDF entry form with your team details to the Arboricultural Association by email or by post. If you have any questions please email

Our judges are there to ensure your safety during this event which is scored as much on safe climbing as it is on speed and task control. We would urge participating climbers to download and read the rules and score sheet in advance to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Entry to this event is only £45 inc. VAT. The event is sponsored by UK equipment supplier

If you have any questions about this event please email

Download the Event Rules RULES

Download an Event Scorecard SCORECARD

Download the Gear Check List GEAR CHECK

Download the Event Booking Form BOOKING FORM.

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